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Our Presbytery/Denomination


PC (USA) Website


Yellowstone Presbytery


Study Resources


Bible Project

The Bible Project is an online resource that makes short (5-10min) animated videos that help people better understand the bible. Some videos capture key themes within the bible (ex. Image of God) while others walk through individual books of the bible. Each one is very informative, yet also incredibly engaging.


New City Catechism

A catechism is simply a way of learning the core teachings of the Christian faith in question and answer form. It’s great for learning (and re-learning) the basics. They even have a kids version too!




Culture Matters

These folks look at key issues and topics in our culture today and help us all think through them through a biblical/gospel centered framework. (Everything from thinking through the opioid epidemic to healthy ways of interacting with technology).


Knowing Faith

Three church leaders and pastors (two men, one woman) tackle important theological and biblical issues. These three are so good at not only explaining complicated theological topics but also help us seeing their importance and relevance in everyday life.


Bible Project

The same folks that created the website above also have a great podcast.

Family Resources

Family Devotional Resources

Jesus Storybook Bible

Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls by The Gospel Coalition

Conversations with Jesus by The Gospel Coalition

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