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-Help us lead worship-

Every Sunday, we need a team of volunteers to make Sunday worship happen! Your God-given gifts and talents can point others to Jesus!

Sign up to today!

Click on the titles of our volunteer roles to sign up and serve on an upcoming Sunday, and read more about each one below!



“Faith comes by hearing” (Rom 10:17). Our liturgist helps lead the worship service by sharing the Call to Worship, Call to Confession and Scripture Reading.  

To learn more, contact Shani Smith at:



Help us make worship accessible for all ages and stages. This position is in charge of 1) Running the sound system, 2) Directing (though not creating) the PowerPoint slides that allow our congregation to more fully participate in worship and 3) Running Facebook Live so that our church family and beyond can worship with us from home. Step-by-step directions make this role easy and fun! 

To learn more, contact Daniel Triller at:


Brown Sneakers


Hospitality is a central calling for every Christian. This volunteer hands out bulletins, answers questions, helps people find their way around and creates a warm and welcoming presence for all. 

To learn more, contact Tammy Baker at:


Sunday School

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” These volunteers teach and lead our youngest generation through song, crafts, teaching time and fun during the 2nd half of the service. 

To learn more, contact Laura Malesich at:


Girl Holding BIble
Coffee and a Cookie


This role helps create an atmosphere after the service where rich and meaningful conversations can happen. Click here to learn all about hosting Fellowship Hour at FPC - it's a role for anyone and everyone!

To learn more, contact the church office at:


Piano Keys


Music communicates the truths of scripture in a way that is both beautiful and memorable! This position leads us in worshiping together through music, whether on the piano, organ or guitar. Responsible for choosing congregational hymns as well as any instrumental pieces. 

To learn more, contact Cathy Knox at:


Piano Keys
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